Bath Bus Company’s history began when it was established by four former Badgerline managers in 1997.

Initially four buses were acquired, three of which were converted into open top buses and painted by three of the directors!

Bath Bus Company open top tours commenced on the 20th May 1997, entering a competitive market where three other operators were already running tours.

In the following years, the Company expanded and undertook local bus service work and school bus contract.

A major step was taken in 1999 when Bath Bus Company joined the City Sightseeing consortium, which involved re-branding the buses in the distinctive highly- decorated red livery.

In 2003, City Sightseeing bought the popular tour operator Guide Friday.

Bath Bus Company was bought by Ensign Bus Company in 2004, at which point local service worked ceased and major investment in open top tours was made, which resulted in the delivery of new low emission vehicles.

The popularity of the open top tours continued, with passenger journeys now exceeding half a million.

Bath Bus Company directly operates the City Sightseeing tours in Bath, Cardiff and Windsor.

Bath Bus Company was bought by RATP in 2011 and continues to grow.  The A4 Bath to Bristol Airport Service was started in 2013 and further projects have been identified to move the company forward.