Road Closure – 18/04/18 and 19/04/18

On Wednesday 18th April and Thursday 19th April 2018, Bath Road between Hicks Gate Roundabout and Brislington Park and Ride will be closed in both directions due to road works. As a result of this road closure, the A4 Air Decker service will be diverted between 22:00hrs and 06:00hrs and will be unable to serve the following stops:

Bath to Bristol Airport (03:00, 04:00, 05:00, 22:00 & 23:00)- normal route until Keynsham Church. The service will then divert and will not serve Keynsham Rugby Club, Keynsham Cemetery, Hicks Gate, Brislington House, Emery Road, Flowers Hill, West Town Lane Shops and Callington Road. Normal service will resume from Beechmount Road onwards.

Bristol Airport to Bath (04:00, 05:00, 22:00, 23:00 & 00:00) – normal route until Beechmount Grove. The service will then divert and will not serve Callington Road, West Town Lane Shops, Flowers Hill, Emery Road, Brislington House, Hicks Gate, Keynsham Cemetery and Keynsham Rugby Club. Normal service will resume from Keynsham Church onwards.

For further information on how this road closure may impact on your journey, please contact 01225 330 444 or 01225 444 102.