Service Update – 13th November 2022 – Remembrance Sunday Parade

A Remembrance Sunday Parade will take in Keynsham on Sunday 13th November 2022. From 08:45- 12:00hrs, Keynsham High Street, Ashton Way and associated roads will be shut to facilitate this. As a result of these closures, we will not be able to travel through Keynsham during this period. The service will divert as follows: 

Bath to Airport – Normal route to Ellsbridge House where the service will divert along Keynsham bypass. It will then enter Keynsham, and travel to Keynsham Church where normal route will resume. We will be unable to serve Unity Road, Wellsway, Keynsham Memorial Park and Ashton Way.

Airport to Bath – Normal route to Keynsham Church where the service will stop on the opposite side of the road to the normal stop. The service will travel out of Keynsham to Hicksgate roundabout, travel along the bypass, rejoining the normal route at Ellsbridge House. We will be unable to serve High Street, Keynsham Memorial Park, The Talbot and Unity Road.

Normal service will resume once all roads have reopened.