Service Update – 14th September 2020

At present, we are continuing to operate an hourly service as per Boxing Day timetable. Detailed timings can be found here.

We are carefully monitoring our passenger numbers daily, this s to ensure passenger demand is met, and our service frequency can be altered accordingly. We have a duplicate bus in operation 5 days a week. This is to help with passenger demand as our capacity on board our vehicles has been reduced. 

We kindly remind passengers who are travelling/wishing to use our service, that face coverings are a mandatory requirement, and to aid this, we have temporarily suspended the consumtion of food on all of our vehicles. When wearing your face covering, please ensure this is covering your nose and mouth, and is worn when boarding our vehicles, and kept on for the duration of your journey. 

We encourage passengers to pay via contactless payment where possible. Cash is accepted on board when necessary. Concessionary passes are valid after 9am.

Yellow seat signs have been placed on specific seats on all of our vehicles. This is to aid the social distancing guidelines. We ask all passengers to leave all seats with a sign on clear, as this is to help passengers keep their distance whilst using our service. Hand santizier is also on board our vehciles, just after/before the drivers cab.