Service Update – 29th June 2020.

We are continuing to operate our Boxing Day timetable, which is an hourly service. Timings can be here.

Consessionary passes are now valid after 9am. We ask all passengers to pay via contactless card where possible to reduce cash handling. Cash is accepted on board our vehicles when necessary.

All our vehicles have social distancing measures implemented on them. We kindly ask all our passengers to be mindful of these guidelines and other passengers when travelling on our buses. We have seat signage on our upper and lower decks to encourage people to stay 2 metres apart. This is for the safety of yourself and other passengers. Face coverings are also to be worn when boarding our vehicles, and for the duration of your travel. If this guideline is not met, drivers can refuse your travel and you could face a fine.

In the oncoming days, non-essential shops and restaurants will continue to open, an increase in passengers travelling on our Air Decker vehicles is likely. We will be monitoring our passenger numbers very closely to ensure social distancing measures can continue to be carried out safely. We will adjust our service frequency accordingly. 

A duplicate bus is in operation due to our passenger numbers rising, and the capacity of passengers able to travel being limited. Again, this is to help implement social distancing, and to help with passenger demand.