Service Update – Diversion- 18th February

The A4 Air Decker is continuing to operate at present. In addition to the current diversion in Keynsham, we have just received reports of a fallen tree near Saltford Rugby Club which is now blocking the road. Therefore the service will be diverted as follows: 

Bath to Airport- Service will run the normal route as far as The Globe. It will then divert passed Bath Spa University and up to the Two Headed Man junction where it will head through Burnett and rejoin the route at The New Inn/ Talbot. Existing diversion on previous service update for passengers in Keynsham then applies before reaching Hicks Gate and resuming normal route

Airport to Bath – Service diversion for Keynsham applies. On serving Keynsham the bus will divert out through Burnett to the Two Headed Man junction, turn left onto the A39, and rejoin the route into Bath at The Globe roundabout.#

We are unable to serve all stops through Saltford until the road has cleared and it is safe to do so. We will update this post accordingly. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.