About us


Founded in 2002, RATP Dev offers operating and maintenance expertise in all means of transportation: buses, light rail, metros, regional railways and specific transport services in France and abroad. This RATP Group subsidiary builds on the unique expertise of RATP, offering tailored and lasting transport solutions, closely reflecting the local needs of its customers.

RATP Dev carefully listens to its clients and works with them to address their specific requirements, enriched by its experiences with small cities, metropolitan and regional entities. It enters partnerships to expand coverage and improve service. Local transport authorities on all continents aim to find efficient, sustainable and innovative mobility solutions adapted to their needs for today and tomorrow.


RATP Dev expertise covers all services related to mobility (passenger information, ticketing, space management, transportation on demand and paratransit) and unrivalled technical assistance to operate transportation networks.

It provides security and reliability, drawing on RATP’s 100 years of experience with its Paris region multimodal network, one of the world’s most demanding with over 10 million trips per day. RATP Dev brings innovative but proven answers, with driverless metros, multi-network ticketing, customer marketing and many other solutions pioneered by RATP. It creates integrated transport networks.


RATP Dev offers transport services in 12 countries: France, England, Italy, Switzerland, United-States, Brazil, Algeria, Morocco, China, South Korea, South Africa, India.