Not Just An Airport Service

We are not just an airport service!

You don’t have to be travelling to or from Bristol Airport to use the A4 Air Decker! We serve every stop along the route, so if you have to commute for work, going to visit family and friends, or doing a spot of shopping you can hop on board our vehicles for shorter journeys too! Local single journey fares start from just £2.00. These are available on board the bus only -you cannot purchase local fares on line.

If you are a regular commuter, why not make a saving and purchase one of our 10 journey tickets. At a set price of £25.00*, it will cover you for 10 single journeys in Bath, Saltford, Keynsham and South Bristol. 10 journey tickets, like our airport returns, are valid for 3 months.

We also accept Avon Riders, Bristol Riders and Bath Riders on our airport service. The Avon Rider is valid everywhere except on the A38 and Airport. The Bristol Rider is valid between Keynsham and Highridge, and the Bath Rider is valid in Bath as far as Corston Turn.

You can download an app called ‘Bus Checker’ which allows you to to see every bus stop our A4 Air Decker stops at along the route. Click here for more information about the app, and other apps which are similar.

For further details, speak to one of our friendly drivers on board the bus. Please note that we now take contactless card payments as well as cash on board our buses!

*10 journey tickets will increase to £32.00 from 7th April 2024