Terms & Conditions

The following terms & conditions apply when you purchase an online ticket for the Air Decker Service.

  1. Online tickets are booked on the understanding that “e-vouchers” are pre-paid vouchers which must be redeemed for a valid ticket to travel on board the Air Decker.
  2. The online ticket to travel is valid for use on the outbound date selected. The return portion of the ticket is valid for up to 3 months from the outbound date specified (green ticket issued by the driver).
  3. All stops are request stops. Therefore as the bus approaches, clearly indicate to the driver that you wish to board.
  4. English Concessionary passes are accepted on the Air Decker for local journeys only and excludes travel into or out of Bristol Airport. Pass holders can travel free for local journeys except between the hours of 04:00-09:00 Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and Bank Holidays.
  5. A child is defined of being from aged 5-15 inclusive. Children under 5 may travel free of charge. All children must be accompanied by an adult.
  6. A senior is defined as being over 60. Proof of age may be required to present to the driver when you travel.
  7. A student is defined as being someone in part-time or full-time education. A student card will be required to present to the driver when you travel to qualify for the reduced rate.
  8. Pre-paid vouchers or tickets to travel obtained from an unauthorised source, stolen, copied illegally or counterfeit will be seized and cancelled. No compensation will be given and travel will not be permitted.
  9. The driver reserves the right to refuse travel if someone appears to be intoxicated or uses threatening and abusive behaviour. No refunds will be made in this instance.
  10. The ticket to travel must be made available for inspection by the driver, controller or any official of the company on demand.
  11. The customer must keep their ticket safe. No refunds will be made in respect of lost, destroyed or damaged tickets.
  12. 10 journey tickets are valid for local journeys only. They cover journeys between Bath and Highridge (boundary in line with AvonRiders- cut off Highridge Green).
  13. All ticket sales are final: any refunds or exchanges are at the discretion of Bath Bus Company Ltd.
  14. When travelling, please ensure you allow sufficient time to reach your destination.
  15. Whilst every endeavour will be made to operate this service on time, the company cannot be held responsible if passengers are unable to connect with flights owing to delays of any kind.
  16. Should you be unable to travel on the Air Decker service due to cancelled flights/ changes in circumstances, Bath Bus Company will amend the date of travel for tickets to be used in the future. We are unable to issue refunds owing to flight cancellations.
  17. General refund policy- at discretion of Bath Bus Company