Monthly Archives: July 2017

Road Closure- 24/07/17 Westgate Buildings

Due to a road closure in place during the early hours of Monday morning (00:00-04:00 on the 24th July 2017), the 03:00hrs and 04:00hrs  A4 Air Decker will be unable to serve Westgate Buildings. Please can passengers who wish to board at this stop during this period board at Avon Street.

Bath Carnival Road Closures – 15/07/17

The Bath Carnival procession takes place tomorrow from 15:00. During the procession there will be road closures in place that will affect the Air Decker Service.

The Air Decker will be unable to serve Terrace Walk. Instead the buses will be turning right along North Parade from Pierrepoint Street, then at the lights at the end of North Parade turning right onto Pulteney Road and around the back of Widcombe. The buses will then rejoin the normal route at the Ambury via Churchill Bridge.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information at or 01225330444 / 01225333102.