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A4 Air Decker Diversion for Keynsham Winter Festival – 30/11/18

Keynsham Winter Festival will be taking place Friday, November 30th 2018.

Due to road closures and possible delays owing to large volumes of people expected on Friday, the A4 Air Decker service will be diverting via Keynsham Bypass.

The last buses to serve Keynsham before the festival are as follows –
The 14:30 departure from Bath
The 14:30 departure from Bristol Airport
All departures after this will be diverting via the Bypass and not serve Keynsham.  

The first buses to serve Keynsham after the festival are as follows –
The 22:00 departure from Bath
The 22:00 departure from Bristol Airport
All departures after this will return to the normal route through Keynsham.

Passengers are advised to board and alight at Ellsbridge House or Hicksgate Roundabout during the times of the diversion.

Air Decker Diversion – Monday, 12th November2018

Please note that all journeys this evening departing Bath and Bristol Airport from 18:00 onward will not be serving Airport road between Wells Road and Hartcliffe Roundabout.

Buses will be diverting via Wells Road, Ridgeway Lane & Whitchurch Lane in both directions.

It is likely this diversion will be in place tomorrow evening in addition to tonight.

Keynsham Remembrance Parade Diversion – Sunday 11th November 2018

There are road closures this coming Sunday in the centre of Keynsham that will be in place for the duration of the Remembrance Parade and Service.

During this time the A4 service will  be diverting along Keynsham Bypass and not serving Keynsham Town Centre.

The following services will be affected:

The 08:30 – 11:00 (inclusive) departures from Bath to Bristol Airport
The 08:30 – 11:00 (inclusive) departures from Bristol Airport to Bath

Passengers are advised to alight/board at Ellsbridge House or Hicksgate/Brislington Park and Ride



Air Decker Service Statement

In light of recent events regarding certain individuals loitering in Hengrove/Hartcliffe, moving forward A4 services will be diverting completely away from this area throughout the evening of October 31st.

This is to ensure the safety of our bus drivers, passengers and vehicles, which is paramount to Bath Bus Company.

Fireworks Road Closures – Saturday 3rd November 2018

The centre of Bath will be closed from 17:30 on Saturday, November 3rd which will cause disruption to the A4 Air Decker service.

All departures from 17:30 onwards towards Bristol Airport will be required to loop around Bath Bus Station and pull into and use the stop closest to the station information point.

This will continue until 21:00 departure, when roads will be reopened and normal service can resume.

Closure of Hartcliffe Roundabout – 17th-24th September 2018

Hartcliffe Roundabout will be closed between 20:00 and 06:00 from Monday, 17th September until and including Friday, 21st September and Monday, 24th September.

During this time journeys going from Bath to Bristol Airport will not be able to serve the Hengrove Leisure Park bus stop.

Please note this does not affect journeys going from Bristol Airport to Bath.